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Welcome to a blog that tries to focus on Guild Wars 2 but fails exponentially sometimes. Artwork and screencaps of my characters and their adventures through Tyria will be posted on here as well.

GW2 Name: GigglingHyena.2867
Server: Tarnished Coast

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me: has 800 ocs
me: focuses all attention on 2




Holo-wings? What?

You can see the person standing behind her with the wings XD


Daily paint today featuring my chubby Guardian Charr with his Jormag’s Breath.

I really want Immobulus because of the magical lucky charms that float around it but costs as much as the Legend or Dusk to craft oh god help


Here are all the new kites that came in the Dragon’s Reach patch. If you can’t decide which one to pick, I posted this pic to aid you :)


'Pretty' screenshots of my character Nonam Specterchill. Got a new longbow skin after what has been a long time finding the ticket scraps for it. If I ever get inspired to draw again I'm definitely doing a painting of her.


Nothing news, but hey! New hairstyles to my Callisto Stahlpfote (Engineer 15) and Sheena Kratzfest (Guardian 80).

Callisto Stahlpfote… more than a simple lion…

Sheena Kratzfest… a further step ahead…

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