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Welcome to a blog that tries to focus on Guild Wars 2 but fails exponentially sometimes. Artwork and screencaps of my characters and their adventures through Tyria will be posted on here as well.

GW2 Name: GigglingHyena.2867
Server: Tarnished Coast

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Possible end-game set for warrior I made, to level after Norn ranger

dye preview isn’t very nice :x

I’d love it if even one person did this

Go on ANON and tell me what you think of me. I do not want to know who it is, at all. Don’t tell me who it is, don’t give me hints, don’t say your screen name. Tell me exactly what you think of me. Don’t sugarcoat things. Don’t lie. If you hate me, tell me why. Tell me what I’m doing wrong. If you like me, tell me why. Tell me exactly what you think of me.


Full-size (audio warning)

Hey guys, been away for a while. End of the year was kind of a slump in terms of artwork and me getting things done. But I’m getting back to it and will be drawing and posting more frequently :) And to all the recent followers, thanks for watching me! 

Anyways, here’s a late GW2 related b-day/Christmas gift for my good friend, Cat. You can check out her tumblr here: 

Been a while since I’ve done a dedicated piece, so had to dust off some cobwebs to get back into it. Added some progress slides in case anyone was curious - piece was overworked at first but I loosened it up in the end with more gestural strokes and marks. 


Legendary number six is done~ Thanks to my friends for running AC with me!


Has anybody seen this yet? O_o


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