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Welcome to a blog that tries to focus on Guild Wars 2 but fails exponentially sometimes. Artwork and screencaps of my characters and their adventures through Tyria will be posted on here as well.

GW2 Name: GigglingHyena.2867
Server: Tarnished Coast

Blacklist "kero at night" in case you do not want to see the non-GW2 stuff I reblog at night.

oh? which skins? weapons?

Mainly the Phoenix Hammer skin and the Tormented Staff skin. I’m probably going to slowly save the gold for those two, especially the hammer for my warrior. Then there’s also the Ley Line Staff, Chaos of Lyssa, Light of Dwayna, Immoblus, the Minstrel, and the Howler.

Even though I have 30g, I’m in no rush really. I like having goals to work towards because it motivates me to play xAx

All I do in GW2 nowadays is sit at Character Selection and stare at my characters and cry over skins that I’m too lazy to farm for.

In the afterMarth of the most recent character announcement, Chrom still thinks it's an halLucination that his daughter and best friend/wife/son-in-law are Robin' him of his spot as playable character. But who knows, maybe he just wasn't Ike-onic enough?


this is literally the best message I have ever received


UNUSUAL HOARD commission for torotix ! almost everything in this one can be found somewhere on the floor of my room

I made a sylvari finally. Don’t have much about him other than he likes to read -3-


As expected, the official Guild Wars 2 tumblr is a total barbie/salad fest, so I’m uploading some of the charr fan-art I’ve commissioned in the hopes that the A-net staff will find it and help even out the score.



This is what happens when an over-zealous Ascalonian ghost encounters a full regeneration build warrior.

The ugliest fucking sniggering

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