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Welcome to a blog that tries to focus on Guild Wars 2 but fails exponentially sometimes. Artwork and screencaps of my characters and their adventures through Tyria will be posted on here as well.

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So after farming in Southsun for a few hours I didn’t get much and was starting to feel really bad. I did get a dye, so I opened and it was Abyss Dye! 

Not only that, but right after that, I logged out and saw that Tarnished Coast was open for once, so Vaetus and I hopped on that shit aaaaand-

WE TRANSFERRED SUCCESSFULLY! Kery helped us celebrate with a dance party!

This is like one of the best days I’ve had in a long time! Now I can do WvW with friends and my guild and finally get map completion ;A;

6:45pm · Friday, June 7th, 2013 · 27 notes
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    OMG! Congrats guys! I’m so happy for you!
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    Aaahhh!!! That’s so awesome! Talk about a good frame of luck. Congrats to the both of you!!
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